Residential Polished Concrete Floors


Residential Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is a beautiful, affordable flooring option for residences and businesses alike. Polishing your native concrete slab is a trendy, green solution for flooring. No more harmful chemicals, dust mites, or replacements. Your concrete floor will last a lifetime if properly maintained.

Simply choose style or level of gloss and we will transform your slab into a beautiful floor that is easy to maintain.

Maintenance for Concrete Floors

  • Simply dust the floor regularly with a microfiber pad to keep dirt off the floor. Sand, soil and dirt works as an abrasive and can hurt your floor's finish.
  • Wet mop the floor with hot water and a neutral floor cleaner. No need for harmful chemicals or bleach.
  • Clean spills and stains when they happen. Your floor will resist soaking in any stains, but negligence can lead to staining.

Step 1. Choose Level of Gloss

Satin Finish

Semi-Gloss Finish

Glossy Finish

Step 2. Type of Use

Standard Usage

Non Slip Surfaces

Heavy Commercial Use

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

Benefits of Polished Concrete for private Residences:

Low Maintenance: cleaning is easy with polished concrete floors. The surface doesn’t harbor dirt, dust or other common allergens.

Cost effective: When utilizing the native slab, additional floor coverings such as carpet or tile aren’t needed. In addition, when comparing the long life of concrete floors vs. replacing carpet and tile, concrete flooring saves money.

Longer life: Polished concrete floors is more durable than other flooring materials.

Stylish: Polished concrete is a modern, attractive solution for residential flooring.

Going Green: Polishing concrete slabs reduces excess material and byproducts used to create hardwood floors, carpet and tile. No harsh chemicals are needed for long term treatment, and the reflectivity of light saves on your electrical bill.

Moisture resistance: The breathable concrete finish doesn’t trap moisture as tile or carpet might. Stain resistant, your concrete is easily cleaned and maintained.

Light reflection: Give you store, hotel, business or office a clean, professional image with reflective floors. The sunlight reflecting from your beautiful floors requires less artificial light.

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What Our Clients Say

5 star

It's taken me a year to finally get around to this review.  We bought a new house last summer, and started calling around to get quotes on stained concrete floors.  My wife eventually called Andy and he came over to the house that day.  He brought his iPad and we were able to see examples of his previous work.  Andy was very professional yet relaxed, and was flexible with his pricing - we offered to remove and dispose of the carpet and linoleum tile for a lower price.  When Andy and his team arrived, we hadn't removed all the linoleum.  They took care of the rest at no extra charge.  The job was finished on time, and looks great!  Everyone that comes over immediately has floor envy.  I would definitely call Andy again.


- David C.

5 star

I had purchased the wrong material at Home Depot to stain my floor and after rolling it on I came to find out that it was not the right product. True stain is acid stain- now I know!

I called Andy at Austin Concrete Floors and he put me at ease, told me what to do to get the old stain off and said he'd come over the weekend to save me and for a FRACTION of the cost I had been quoted by another company. Andy is affordable, friendly, personable and really makes a concerted effort to be sure you are happy with the end result.

We'll definitely be using him for all our concrete needs.


- Brittany R.

5 star

ACF does amazing work and has incredible customer service! I've worked in construction for over a decade and have never met a company so dedicated to ensuring their customers are completely satisfied! My fiance and I bought a house with concrete floors stained by ACF. The previous owners had stained the entryway a neon blue color. After a brief call to ACF to explain the problem, Andy showed up the next day to begin his work. Three days later the blue stain was gone (amazingly) and the entryway looked even better than the rest of the house. Andy was a pleasure to deal with and always made sure we approved his work each step along the way. Best of all, the price was significantly less than I expected. I highly recommend ACF!

- Steven H.

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