Commercial Polished Concrete Floors


Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete is a versatile, attractive and affordable solution for homes and businesses alike. You choose the style, level of gloss and maintenance requirements, and we turn your native concrete slab into a work of art. The durability, modern design and cost effectiveness of polished concrete floors has made it an ideal flooring solution for a variety of applications.

Most common spaces for concrete polishing:

  • Office spaces
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial garages or showrooms
  • Private homes

Step 1. Choose Level of Gloss

Satin Finish

Semi-Gloss Finish

Glossy Finish

Step 1. Choose Level of Gloss

Types of Polished Concrete

Step 2. Type of Use

Standard Usage

Non Slip Surfaces

Heavy Commercial Use

Step 2. Type of Use

Commercial Use for Polished Concrete

Why Choose Polished Concrete?

Benefits of Polished Concrete for Commercial Use:

Durability in High Traffic Areas: Polished concrete floors resists damages caused by heavy foot traffic or machine usage.

Cost effective: Maintenance costs are lower and long term life of concrete make it the most affordable solution on the market.

Less Maintenance: Polished concrete requires only damp mopping upon occasion. No wax, no coatings, no excess in labor or time. Glossy polished concrete resists abrasions that can be caused by heavy machinery, and withstands staining from food, oil, and chemical spills.

Going Green: Polishing concrete slabs reduces excess material and byproducts used to create hardwood floors, carpet and tile. No harsh chemicals are needed for long term treatment, and the reflectivity of light saves on your electrical bill.

Moisture resistance: The breathable concrete finish doesn’t trap moisture as tile or carpet might. Stain resistant, your concrete is easily cleaned and maintained.

Light reflection: Give you store, hotel, business or office a clean, professional image with reflective floors. The sunlight reflecting from your beautiful floors requires less artificial light.

5 star

Andy is not only an expert craftsman and artist- yes, his floors are a work of art with the shades and tints blended just right to give the space depth- he is also an attentive businessman. He returns calls promptly (I mean within minutes!) and shows up exactly when he says he will. He also gave us locations where we could actually see his work before hiring him. I have had years of experience dealing with contractors, craftsman and workers, and this was truly one of the best experiences I've had.  My only regret is that we are selling the house and won't be able to live on these beautiful floors.


- Rebecca H.

5 star

Andy is my Hero!!! I hired a different contractor (Weird Floors, Ryan Mooney) to take out my cheap laminate flooring and do a stained concrete throughout my house. I had to completely move out of the house for the project and after 9 days (only doing demo, apparently) the guy quit BY TEXT!! I immediately started making phone calls and was referred to Andy. He called me back within 10mins and agreed to save me from my nightmare! He started work on my house 2 days later and finished it in 1.5 days! The floors are beautiful! Andy and Mike went above and beyond to not only finish my floors, they also fixed my turtle tank filter just because they are such nice guys!! I am very satisfied with my floors and so thankful Andy and his crew were able to help me in a pinch!! A+++++


- Stef H.

5 star

We recently had ALL of our plumbing repaired in our home, which destroyed our floors and slab throughout the house. We looked at all of our options, including re-tiling, installing hardwoods and stained concrete. We received bids on each job, and decided to go with Austin Concrete Floors. Not only did Andy underbid all of his competitors, but he came in with ideas and suggestions that helped us to make our decisions on color, style and finish. On top of having the best bid, he also set a firm timeline to be done in 4 days, which included removing the existing tile, leveling and overlaying the concrete, staining and finishing. I literally laughed at him when he told us this, but he was serious.

Our project was no small task, but Austin Concrete Floors did a masterful job, held to their bid and even came back to fix some issues caused by a plumbing contractor who dropped a bathtub on, and damaged, our beautiful new stained concrete floors. Andy came back out, spent a couple of hours on the problem area and fixed our floor, without charging us for his extra work.

We're very pleased with the work of Austin Concrete Floors and will be spreading the good word for them. Thanks Andy! We'll be back!-


Dan R.

Concrete Polishing Process


Polishing concrete can take anywhere from one to seven days and requires anywhere from four to twelve steps depending on your current flooring and desired level of shine. The last step, diamond polishing, is repeated to increase glossiness of your concrete floors. Satin or low gloss concrete flooring requires less diamond polishing.

  1. Floor Removal – Our team utilizes professional floor demolition equipment to clear away the current floor coverings.
  2. Coatings and Adhesives – We grind away the top layer of thin set or adhesives left by tile, removing all nails for carpet or wood.
  3. Metal Grinding to Level Your Floor – We make our first pass with the commercial grade concrete polishers to even our your floor. This also removes stains from carpet glue or other adhesives to give your concrete and even color, aggregate and level.
  4. Densification - Densifiers are applied to your slab to strengthen the concrete. Densification makes your concrete floors more resistant to chips and abrasions.
  5. Diamond Polishing – Now that your slab is cleaned, level and even, we bring out the diamond polishing pads. We start with rough cuts and make our way to finer diamond bonds, each pass making the concrete glossier. The number of passes with diamond polishing depends on your desired finished look.
concrete polishing process expanded