Commercial Floor Prep


Commercial Floor Removal for Concrete Floors

Floor removal is no easy task. Professional equipment and an experienced team is required to effectively remove floor coverings without damaging your concrete slab. Without the proper personnel and equipment, floor removal is a slow and painful process. Lucky for you our team at Andy's Concrete Floors are experts at removing carpet, hardwood or even tile.

Fast and Effective Floor Removal with Professional Equipment

Licensed and Insured

18 Years of Experience

Step 1. Remove Tile, Carpet or Hardwood

Step 2. Grind Adhesives such as Thin Set or Carpet Glue

Step 3. Clean and Clear Workspace for Floor Installation

What Our Clients Say

5 star

I called ACF at 5, and at 8 that eve, Andy came by. I explained that we had a faucet break in the downstairs, and a flood had ruined a carpet in one room, a storage area, so we needed the carpet pulled up and the concrete underneath stained and sealed, and the rest of the downstairs floor, which was already stained concrete, needed resealing. He started to describe how we would need to pull everything out, living and dining room furniture, and when he saw my face, he said, here's another suggestion. And he proceeded to tell me to just pull out the carpet ourselves, paint the concrete a color that somewhat matches the floor in the adjoining room, and put a coat or two of Mop n Glo on all the floorings, old and newly stained. I felt relieved because with everything else we need to do, the drywall patching, painting, water-damaged kitchen cabinets pulled out and replaced, Andygave me a solution that was doable and cost-effective, a big concern as it doesn't sound like my insurance company wants to cover all that needs to be done. So, ACF didn't really perform their usual service for us, but I appreciate their advice and willingness to help. That says a lot in today's business climate. Oh, and Andy didn't charge me a cent for coming out!

- Anita R.



5 star

We recently put in an outdoor kitchen and expanded our outdoor concrete flooring. The outcome of the original concrete work left a lot to be desired, so we contacted Andy. He came over the same day that we called and gave us an estimate on options to either stain the existing concrete flooring or to re-surface the area and stain it.

We went with option #2. Andy and his crew resurfaced the existing concrete surface and stained the area, leaving us with a much more professional and aesthetically pleasing end-product than we started with.

Andy and his crew were fast, professional and delivered what he said he would in two days, as promised, and at the price that he had quoted to us. A small area of the concrete flooring picked up a little more dye than we liked, and Andy came over the next day and adjusted the stain in that particular area.

Whereas once we were considering a tile or wood flooring 'makeover' throughout our house, we are now considering entirely concrete. If that's the decision we ultimately make, Andy will get our business. Give him a call. We're happy with his work.

- Richard K.

5 star

I'm reviewing for the non-profit I work with.  We rented a space in an old strip mall.   The previous tenant experienced some water damage so pulled up all the carpet.  The concrete floors were covered with glue and pock marks.  We needed to get into our space quickly and Just Concrete Floors came in with a bid then worked us into their schedule so we could occupy as fast as possible.  The floors turned out to be harder to sand they thought so they quickly changed our finish to an overlay which is more expensive.  They honored their original bid which is unbelievable.  Like I said, we are a non-profit so money is always an issue.  We really appreciated their fast, no-nonsense approach.  Our grey floors are beautiful!